Since its creation, Oqali has set up partnerships with food manufacturers and retailers.

  • Facilitate data collection;
  • Validate the nomenclature used for each sector;
  • Provide elements of interpretation of the results.

To facilitate collaborations with food manufacturers and retailers, the partnership operating charter (in French) was set up in 2015 and update in 2020.

This charter defines :

  • The terms and conditions of data transmission
  • The private or public nature of the data collected
  • The conditions of use and dissemination of the data

Oqali partners, supervisory ministries and organizations represented on the Oqali Technical Orientation Committee (COT) may request the mobilization and/or data processing. These requests (with the exception of specific processing of maps of the Professional’s products as described in the partnership operating charter) must be the subject of a should be formalized and argued via the following formulary : Request form for specific treatments or extractions (French document)

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Survey conducted among partners

As part of a joint reflection by the DGAL, DGS, DGCCRF, Anses and INRAE on possible changes in Oqali’s missions, an inquiry with our partners was conducted in 2016. This inquiry was about their use of the deliverable reports generated by Oqali (public data available online, statistics and knowledge of the food supply translated in Oqali reports).

The survey collected feedback from Oqali partners on  the following questions:

  • Do you find the deliverable reports produced by Oqali useful? Relevant?
  • How do you use them?
  • What would be your needs (not currently covered by Oqali) in terms of monitoring the food supply?
  • What would be your expectations in the framework of an evolution of Oqali?

Below, are the results of this inquiry:

Summary of the survey conducted among Oqali partners (French document)