Oqali provides 2 types of data:

  • Data collected regularly from its partners (photos taken directly in stores, packaging provided by manufacturers or distributors). This type of data can be consulted via the following interface (in French).

These data are made available after an initial exploitation by Oqali (data entry, codification, check of information and publication of the associated study)

  • Data collected as part of the monitoring of the deployment of the Nutri-Score, without verification.

The conditions of use of these data and their level of confidentiality (public or private data) are defined in the partnership operating charter (French document) set up within the framework of Oqali, updated in 2020.


The Oqali database includes a large part of the information available upon the packaging of processed food products on the French market (nutritional composition, ingredients, etc.). It is structured by food category, each of them being regularly collected in order to follow the evolution of the food offer over time (thus, all food categories are not collected the same year and the information made available corresponds to the products available on the market at a given time).

For more information, consult the Frequently Asked Questions.


Data basis

Nutri-Score follow-up

Oqali is responsible for monitoring the deployment of the Nutri-Score (except bulk and out-of-home catering). Commited operators who are engaged must provide all the necessary information to monitor this deployment. This information allows Oqali to characterize products carrying the Nutri-Score label (classes, food sector, market segment) by distinguishing the information available on the packaging or online. This information is completed by the estimated market shares of the brands that have adopted the Nutri-Score, based on data from the Kantar – Panel Worldpanel.


Follow-up of the Nutri-Score